Sunday, May 11, 2008

Adventures in Bargain Yarn - Sean Sheep Armytage

I usually style myself as a fiber snob on a budget. I usually buy yarn from local, independently owned yarn stores, and while I don't generally have the money to blithely grab whatever without a good hard look at the price tag and the yardage, I want to spend what money I have on the best I can get.

But I was in Wal-Mart. and I wandered into the crafting section. And found this 100% wool yarn by Sean Sheep for two dollars and seventy five cents per 75 gram ball.

so I bought ten of them in colorway "Alabaster." *shrug* It's wool. How bad can it be?

But I'm suspicious. Highly suspicious. So the first thing I did was knit up a proper gauge swatch, hand washed it with mild soap, and laid it out flat to dry. Knitted on 5 mm needles back and forth, I got four stitches to the inch, and 5.667 rows to the inch.

With that much yarn, I think I'll do a sweater. Calgary being what it is, I'll get plenty of opportunity to wear it throughout the year... I'm envisioning cables, even though it is a self striping yarn. A pullover. I'll have to work out which cable motifs I want...

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